Access Denied (2006-05-08)

Dear John,
Fuck off. I said no. DEAL WITH IT. I told you from the beginning that I wouldn't sleep with you, but thankyou for reminding me of why I don't do random hook-ups- coz drunk guys are pushy as fuck and piss me off.
I can't believe I attracted yet another possessive controlling asshole. I wish there was some kind of spray on repellent for guys like you. Seriously what is hard to understand about no? Two letters, one important meaning.
It's not a cue for you to try harder you know, it's an indication that someone is genuinely not into it and wants you to stop. And no, that doesn't make me prudish, it makes me discerning.
Eugh. I feel icky at the mere thought of what might have happened. Dodged a bullet with that one!
- The girl who wouldn't let you into her pants

heart - break

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