Tell her to get stuffed! (2008-05-30)

Dear Gallus,

Are you freaking serious?! You're not even allowed to talk to me now???!!! What the fuck is that?! Oh that's right BULLSHIT!! I cannot believe that you aren't even allowed to fucking take my calls, what shit, it's a PHONECALL, it's not cheating!!!

And I am so freaking mad right now, I just want to kick the shit out of you! YOU wanted to be friends and that is what I'm trying to do dickhead! We have been friends for SIX YEARS and you're going to cut me out of your life because she's so freaking possessive and insecure she won't even let you talk to another girl- are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

Seriously, what does she think will happen??? It's a PHONECALL! I'm across the other goddamn side of the country for fuck's sake!

I cannot believe that this is the point we have come to. I am absolutely disgusted that this is the point you have ALLOWED it to come to! I am one of your oldest and closest friends according to you, but I'm not allowed to talk to you?!?!?

That is BOLLOCKS, after all of the shit you put me through, the least I deserve is to be able to fucking talk to you and yell at you and tell you you're being a dickhead.

Fucking grow some balls and call me you absolute coward, coz this, this is total bullshit!


heart - break

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