Even stevens? (2012-03-13)

Dear Readers,

It's been a weird juxtaposition kinda day. Allow me to give some examples:

I got a random call from my best friend (YAY!) but she reminded me of my beloved cat who is now missing (Boo).

I got a decent ENT for my consult today, rather than the previous arsehole (YAY!) and he agreed with what I said (YAY!) and did what I wanted (quadruple YAYAYAYAYAY!) but unfortunately did make my sweetheart client cry (Booooo). NB: this wasn't actually his fault and most likely a result of the previous arsehole ENT, but still, it was sad and I felt super guilty as my client had looked at me and I said that it wouldn't hurt (I don't think it actually did, I think he was just scared).

It was hot today, so I got to wear sandals so my toe didn't hurt (YAY!) but it's still ouchy, so I couldn't go to the gym (Boo).

I found out that I am seemingly 3 weeks behind at uni (BOOOOOOOOOO), but thankfully I did already order my text book, so I could get started straight away tonight (Phew).

I found out that I have already missed one deadline at uni (FUCK!!!) but the second one has been extended due to people's textbooks not being delivered on time (Thank god!).

My clothes are fitting better (YAY!) but I haven't actually lost any weight (huh?)

Someone at work randomly made me soup (YAY! and Yum!!) but I couldn't even make her cake to say thank you because she is on a special diet (Damn).

I busted my arse to get my room presentable for my housemate's mum while I was away (groan) but today she got me Haighs to say thank you (YAY!).

So yes, now I am all out of sorts (Boo). Time for bed (YAY!)


heart - break

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