I hope he gets the karmic bitchslap of a lifetime! (2012-03-28)

Dear Readers,

I have an assignment to do, but am severely lacking motivation and meanwhile my head is just spinning out.

I found out a piece of information today that just confirmed for me that the world seems to be filled with shithead people, particularly men.

I found out that someone at work's partner left them. The kicker is that they were 9 MONTHS PREGNANT with his baby. Which happened to be their second child (their first isn't even 2 yet).


He just walked out, doesn't give a shit about seeing his kids again, or her going through labour by herself, let along her having to somehow magically pay the mortgage to keep a roof over his kids' heads while she can't work because oh yeah- SHE JUST POPPED OUT HIS BABY.

I thought long and hard about it and concluded that Yep, that is officially the most selfish thing I have ever heard of.

And I won't lie, when I met him I instantly disliked him and thought he seemed like a tool and genuinely didn't get why the hell such a cool chick was with him and usually I am spot on, but still, WHO DOES THAT?!

Stories like that, that are real and do happen to real - awesome- people are the reason why I don't think I could ever trust anyone like that. Imagine that, having another baby because they wanted one and then having them bugger off because they couldn't be bothered.

No thankyou!

I know another friend of a friend who got together with this guy as the other woman, and he cheated on his partner with her for almost a year(!!!), but eventually they did end up getting married and are now pregnant but I would put serious money on something similar happening in that case too, because here's the thing:

Once a dodgy bastard, ALWAYS a dodgy bastard.

And it scares the crap out of me that they get away with it. That seemingly intelligent, cool women somehow get sucked in to their vortex of charm and bullshit and their lives get ruined as a result.

The horrible part is that I just can't stop thinking about it and it reaffirms my incredibly cynical view that when it comes to taking responsibility and manning up, men cannot be trusted.

I think I'm just going to be single and invest in some cats. This whole relationship bizzo is way too high risk.


heart - break

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