Remember that (2003-02-21)

Dear J,

I won't use your real name out of respect for my friend, who happens to be your girlfriend, not out of respect for you- because frankly I don't. If you think that I am nice to you for any other reason than her, you are sadly mistaken.

I dislike the way that you assess my body, like so many cutlets of meat, particularly given that you are not MY boyfriend, nor even a friend of mine. My body is my own and I am very protective of it, if what has happened to me ever happened to you, you would be too.

I dislike the way that you expect me to 'welcome' you- when I am here as a guest in your girlfriend's home, if anything it should be the other way around! I'm sorry if I wanted to get some sleep at 2am rather than continue to participate in your stupid little conversation, but that's just the way it is. Grow up and accept that not everyone wants to pay attention to you all the time.

But what really pisses me off is the way that you seem to believe that you are entitled to know everything about everyone else and their lives. There are topics I WILL NOT discuss with you, and your girlfriend spoke to you about respecting that, yet you do not. I am a private person, I have secrets and you are not the type of person to whom I would divulge them- you need to deal with that rather than sulking when you do not get your way.

In short, get over it J. Just because you sleep with her, does not mean that you have the right to usurp our time together. I have known her a helluva lot longer than you and I garauntee that I will be there long after you are gone. Do not underestimate the strength and depth of our friendship, and the lengths that I would go to to protect her. You do not want me as an enemy, remember that.


heart - break

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