More than you know (2003-10-02)

Dear Panda,

Man I miss you! I know this is stupid because I should just call you again and organise to catch up...problem is I'm shit scared that you will hear the tremor in my voice when I hear yours, hear that little intake of air as I gasp for breath at the thought of the two of us in each others company again...

I'm terrified of the dreams I keep having, of the two of us together and I even more petrified of you knowing I feel like this...but neither fear is as overwhelming as the desire to see you again and curl up within your arms for a big long cuddle and Andy-chat.

I wonder if you want that even half as much as I do, and if you will ever call me, coz I miss you Andy-Pandy-Panda-Bear, more than I think you realise...


heart - break

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