Paedophile status (2003-10-20)

Dear Glen,

How the fuck can you do this? You are THIRTY TWO, she is EIGHTEEN. Not even an old eighteen for fucks sake! She is firmly within the 14 year old girl stage and the fact that you are taking advantage of that is disgusting.

Do you honestly think that dating someone that is only a few years off half your age actually gives you some sort of status? Well you know what you're right, it does, the status of a paedophile.

I saw you together last night and I wanted to vomit. I couldn't actually look you in the eye because I knew I would burst into tears or punch you or puke or all three. At 4 in the morning I finally couldn't take it any longer and purged myself of the foul image through physical means.

Can't you see how wrong this is?


heart - break

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