When even the ember dies... (2008-08-07)

Dear Gallus,

So I read over some of your little quotes and messages and stuff today and it brought back some of the memories of the intensity and passion that we had. And I wondered if we could possibly have maintained that if we had stayed together in the long term. I definitely know I couldn't have kept up with the all night long marathons and lack of sleep, but I do think you would still have been able to get me hot, particularly as my attraction for you just seemed to increase with time, rather than the opposite that is apparently the norm.

And it got me thinking, about how different my life is now, compared to the same time 2 years ago when you first kissed your way down my body and drove me insane with a lust I never even knew was possible. If you had told me then, that this is they way things would pan out, I wouldn't have believed you,

I mean who would have thought YOU would be the one still in the laide?

Who would have thought that not only would we not end up together, but YOU would be the one in a serious relationship?

Who would have thought that it would be ME who flies around the country and contemplates sleeping with someone in another state, just because I can?

I still find it really weird that you, who craves freedom so badly is the one who is stuck in a long term boring and loveless relationship with a person who isn't right for you.

And then I think- If we were still together, then that would actually be me, stuck with the wrong person, but unable to break away.

And I am so glad it's not, because as much as being alone sucks at times, at least I know I am free...


heart - break

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