So why did you? (2010-06-04)

Dear Gallus,

So I have gotten my shit back together and worked solidly for pretty much the whole day. Lots of reading has been done and a massive bunch of research has also been completed, in addition to a detailed essay plan, so now I am all set.

In the meantime, the conclusion that was reached as the result of the peek at our past was that you are giving in bed. Or at least I represented you thusly in my ramblings. Fascinating.

I guess I have to agree (grudgingly). You sure as shit had a patience and tolerance for my pushing the sexual boundaries and teasing (torturing) you that I have come to realise was pretty much super-human. Many men would have snapped much much earlier than you did.

You never ever pushed it, which I did appreciate- although given that I now know that it wasn't for the reasons I thought it was, I am fascinated as to why you did display such restraint. Like if you thought I had slept with someone before, I'm not sure why you didn't assume/expect me to sleep with you.

I suppose it doesn't really matter now, it's just more that I am desperately seeking that trait in someone else, but I have come to realise that it is as rare and precious as stardust.

I really need to get some sleep, I have a full day of reading and subsequent essay writing on the cards for tomorrow.


heart - break

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