Where's a damn emoticon when you need one? (2010-08-25)

Dear Readers,

So, I am wasting some time before I can actually go eat- damn the Spanish and their love of obscene restaurant hours, if the food wasn't so damn good I would revolt! While I am whinging, the whole lack of colons and semi-colons on keyboards is also bloody irritating, but I digress...

Anywho, essentially I have spent the last two days shopping, so nothing really exciting to report, sorry.

Then today I went to the pool, as fuck it, it's free and was getting scoped by some cute German boys (at least they sounded German) until some girls came up and they were in thong suits + surgically enhanced. I was just like wtf, this is like a hotel pool people in a catholic country, not a silicone convention in Miami.

This was about to be tripled when I took a wrong turn to get back to the hotel and accidentally came upon the third member of their party sunbaking topless on the other side of the pool.


I'm serious, it really was that random, it was like WOAH, BOOBS!

Iḿ not usually prudish, but I was just so shocked (especially as you really don't see anyone wearing skanky clothing here normally)...clearly an emotion that was written all over my face as I had the lifeguardy people laughing their arses off at me.

I would do a sad face, but I can't. Sigh.


heart - break

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