Alcomohol is just bad news (2011-04-13)

Dear Readers,

Random thought of the day-
I watched Live at The Apollo with one of my fav's Adam Hills, but it was hosted by Ed Byrne who apparently had a threesome with 2 girls from my hometown. Who were these girls?! I really wanna know, I bet I know them!!

Moving on to the weekend...
I went up to Newcastle to see my old housemate. Unfortunately I missed my train due to the combo of a reduced bus service and then a dicky ticket machine. I managed to get to the platform just as it was pulling away. Then I had to wait in line to get treated like crap by British Rail staff (arseholes) and have to pay an extra 75 pounds. Which, incidentally, was more than both of my original tickets combined. I was not a happy girl.

I arrived at my destination without further drama- although I did get checked out by a whole bunch of people en route. I forgot, up North, I'm hot.

It was hilarious, I was pulling like I was pimping, but alas the only one that I thought was cute ended up getting pissed off by this other girl going psycho and therefore backing off. Grrrh. Annoying.

The stupid part was, I really wasn't actually interested in any of them, even the cute one. I can pull when I have the mind to, but I just honestly cannot be arsed.

And that's it really. I would probably be more into the whole thing if I actually thought I had even a vague shot at having it work out okay.

But when you have the crap that I have as baggage, it all seems more than a tad pointless.

That and I remember how pushy guys can be and how much it annoys me. There was this guy who wanted to buy me a drink, I explained that I didn't drink and he just didn't get it and argued with me for ages about how I should just try this special cocktail thing and blah blah blah. At which point I got pissed off and bailed.

And the thing was, if he had just left it, I would have actually hung out with him and maybe let him buy me a non-alcoholic beverage, but have my company. But no, it was like he just didn't know what to do if drinking wasn't involved and became really pushy about making me drink something. Seriously, what is wrong with people?! Is alcohol that much of a crutch that we can't function socially without it??

Which basically brings me to the second major incident of the weekend. We went out and people got absolutely smashed. This is not new, however it was definitely worse than I think I have ever seen it and I ended up having to take care of people.

I HATE having to take care of drunk people, it really really really pisses me off, particularly when they have the chance to stop, but they cross that line between being drunk and happy to being mentally incapacitated and helpless and keep on going. Irritating to the extreme.

Now I know I don't drink, so people think I am just being judgemental, but genuinely I don't give a shit if other people do, except when it gets to the point where it becomes dangerous. One of the girls was literally falling down drunk, falling down and smashing her head against the pavement numerous times. She was so bad that FIVE different cabs refused to take her.

I'm sorry, but that is too drunk. And what pissed me off was that then my friend called her and got her to come back to her house where we were staying. WTF? We finally got her home, she needed to stay home!

This meant that the party continued until fucking 9am. I am not making this up. We got back at like 3.30am, but the music got cranked and the bottles of vodka were brought out and it all got out of hand. I tried to go to bed, but couldn't sleep. Particularly given the domestics that my friend's brother and his g/f got into. Fucking ridiculous. I finally got fed up at 8am and made them go turn the music down.

Thus I came downstairs in my pjs to discover the domestics continuing and my friend in the kitchen with this skeazy creepy old guy with missing teeth, that I have subsequently discovered was/is a drug addict. Fucking awesome. At least they turned the music down.

Needless to say, I was FUCKED the next day, but couldn't sleep any more, so ended up going on a faux date with my friend's housemate (no, it's not like that, hence the faux). Got back and she was all fucked up, because she was so drunk/hung over and sleep deprived she had given herself a panic attack. Yes, I do blame the alcohol, because nothing actually happened to bring it on...oh yeah except an unhealthy dose of vodka that had completely fucked her levels of dopamine and serotonin receptors.

Again, that is too much.

Which brings me to the new stuff I was thinking about on the train home:
Am I a nanna, or is everyone just way too fucking immature and stupid around me? Seriously, these people were all older than me (apart from the brother, who is in his early twenties) and I don't know, is it just me, or does everyone else think that when you're pushing 30, this behaviour is just ridiculous?

Teenage years and early 20s, okay, I get it, you're young, you're stupid, you make poor choices, but at what point do you stop being too young to get away with being a dumbarse? Like I think someone in their late 20s really should know when to stop drinking and be able to take care of themselves.

So yes, command decision is: not going out next time, or if I do, I will be enforcing a strict- we leave the club, we go to bed and NO-ONE comes back policy. I am not up for that shit again.

There is more but it's late and I want to watch some HIMYM before I go sleepies.


heart - break

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