I doubt it (2008-03-04)

Dear Gallus,

Since I can't speak to you in real life I am relegated to these pages, sending you letters you will never read, but strangely enough they still make me feel better anyway...

I really wish I could have sex. I am still really pissed at you for taking that away from me...although then I am reminded that if it wasn't for you I probably never would have got up the guts to try it in the first place...it still sucks though!

I wonder what would have happened if I had told you the truth that night, would you still have left? Would you still have turned me down when you came back??

I wonder, if I had kissed you in my room at Christmas, would it have gone further than it did??

I wonder, will I ever trust anyone enough to allow them inside of me again??

Yeah, I don't think so either.


heart - break

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