And it is raining bollocks (2002-01-17)

So to update. Since yesterday I have...
- Received word that this stupid drama with this electricity company charging me for electricity when I wasn't even in the country was not dealt with and now they are taking court action. Fabulous.
- Had two different phone conversations trying to resolve this- to no avail because the English are shit at this stuff and couldn't organise a nymphomanic at a stag night
- Gotten an email from my former phone company in Aust telling me that I got charged an extra $30 because my bank rejected my direct debit. I can't call them because it is a weird number and I can't log on to fix it online because my account has been cancelled! Arrrgggh!
- Spoken to my brother (Yay!) who informed me that our dog died (*sniff*). And he misses me and wants me to come home -maybe for a visit, but maybe permanently (my Bub doesn't like me being unhappy). And I want to, it's just I feel like I have to grit my teeth and get through it. I am stubborn as hell when I want to be! He understands, he's the same lol.
- Had two of my clients not show up this morning, when I busted my arse and got up early to go be back at work in time.

Fucking ridiculous.

In more exciting news I saw snow for the first time today. Everything was white and magical :)


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