Hell to the no! (2010-01-01)

Dear "Dad"

I cannot fucking believe you. I haven't spoken to for what, 3 years, 4? And even then, it was by accident, because I answered the phone when you didn't know I was there.
And I haven't seen you since that time in my counsellor's office, when you couldn't handle the truth of what you did. I gave you a shot to own your own history and you didn't even have the balls to do that.
And now, you EMAIL me?! Saying of all things, merry christmas and happy new year belatedly.

Here's an idea fuckhead, what about I'm sorry for ignoring your birthday for the past 6 years. What about I'm sorry for being so selfish I actually stole from my own child. What about I'm sorry for being so self obsessed I robbed you of your childhood What about I know, I did it, and I can never ever take that back. Fuck, even an 'I'm sorry' would indicate you had some kind of backbone.

But no, of course not.

You fucking coward, you fucking arsehole. You have no place in my life, remember? FUCK OFF back to oblivion where you belong you pathetic, twisted, disgusting excuse for a human being.


heart - break

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