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Dear Gallus,

So, following my earlier plan I have made the following changes:
- I make sure I get enough sleep. I have discovered the magic insomnia/anxiety cure is seemingly fresh salmon. Who knew? (must be the omega 3 or something)

- I have totally stepped back from all who stress me out. Thus I haven't spoken to BB for quite some time. And I'm not massively keen on speaking to anyone else in Oz who hasn't been supportive. Meanwhile I get emails checking up on me from those who do actually give a shit, and these people I bother with.

- I have booked (and paid for) my eastern europe trip in May (which is italy and prague and budapest, among others), and a sojourn to France is also in the pipeline for late March/early April. I'm also planning Iceland for around my birthday and will hopefully do Spain at some point too. Then back home for Xmas, maybe. If not, I will do Egypt early 2011.

- I went back to ballet, only to be told I am good enough to skip straight into the highest level class and do it 3 times a week. This is with 18 months off lmao.

- I went back to pilates, only to remember that I really have done it so long, my body remembers exactly what to do and in fact I would have gone much more hardcore. I think I am motivated enough to start getting back to doing it myself- i just need to go buy a new yoga mat!

- I have started on my new masters course with a vengeance. I am actually really excited about it. I realised how bored and understimulated I have been at work, so I am looking forward to some decent mental protein to sink my teeth into. I have time this weekend to just curl up and read medical journals. Aaaah bliss! (Yes, I am a big nerd, deal with it)

- I am trying to be better with my dairy intake, given that it does make me sick. I am eating more vegetarian meals, given that there are so many more options here.

Essentially, I am trying to be healthier and happier in my new life. I am determined to make this work damnitt! And I think if I keep this up, and stay far far away from you, I should be on a winner.


heart - break

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