Remove imaginary gun from temple (2010-06-09)

Dear Gallus,

So I have spent the day packing and attempting to get things together. Key word being attempt, because as per fucking usual, it all goes to shit. I honestly just don't get what it is with this country, if they are genetically incapable of organising anything, or just inhumanly lazy...wait, I know, it's BOTH!

What happened? Well, I am meant to be moving this week, so I have sent them daily emails asking them for an address, you know, that pesky thing that is just *slightly* necessary for moving. I think what really pushed their mental capacities was the request for net access, or at least information as to whether or not they had any. Oh, I also asked for a date that I could actually move in- what a novel idea! Ho ho ho.

So, first they said Sunday, I was like *MEIGN* fail! I start work on Monday and nobody works on a Sunday, so that's not going to work (Strangely, they were surprised by this). So then they said Wed, and today I discover it's actually Friday. Maybe. They think.

Incidentally, still don't have an addy, so I call the hospital accommodation people directly, and get half an address (they still don't have a house/flat number) and discover that no, there is no internet after being told by my company that "It's London, of course they have internet, they all do." This is not helpful when you are doing a masters degree via distance, or trying to anyway...

But the BEST bit is that the have only booked me into this accommodation for 4 weeks. Which is great, given that my contract is for 6 weeks. Nice work guys.

I seriously give up. This country is fucked and I am just soooo over it. I sent my company a viciously sarcastic email (I believe the phrase "I passed mad about a week ago, waved hello and kept on going, right to furious" was mentioned) but even that didn't make me feel better.

All I can think about is shoving someone up against a wall and unleashing all of this frustration in really really dirty ways. The problem is, I don't think anyone (not even you) could handle it. You would probably need skin grafts afterwards.

Either that or going and punching something ridiculously hard. Which is the less fun, but probably more viable option....

I need to get laid, I really do think I would feel better. This is when I know that it is good that you are a 24hr flight away, otherwise goddess knows I would have hunted you down and gone apeshit on your body way before now.

Which, while potentially physically satisfying would be the emotional equivalent of suicide. So, with that in mind, I will stay here and save that bullet for someone else.


heart - break

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