Quickie (2010-07-26)

Dear Readers,

So, sorry for the lack of updating but it's hard to find internet and what is around is heinously expensive- I write to you for the lovely price of 4.50 euro an hour.

Anyway I will post properly later when i have decent internet, which may alas not be until I get back to the Uk.

Spain in a nutshell was awesome. Both myself and my companions made it through 10 days with both our senses of humour and possessions intact. Team Fatima represent! (long story)

Then I left the awesomeness of Barcelona to come to Milan, which is overpriced and dirty and full of rude and skeazy Italian men. I have had a shit couple of days- there have been some good bits, but there's also been some crazy disasters that only my terrible luck seems to cause.

Again I will complain about this in more depth later when it doesn't cost so damn much, but essentially I am over getting anywhere being such a fucking hassle and so damn expensive and being harrassed every two fucking seconds. I'm deadly serious, I don't know if it's because I'm blonde and therefore 'novel' or what, but they are just all over me and will not take no for an answer.

Yesterday I was actually scared, when this guy in yellow spandex on a bike kept following me. Yes, yellow spandex, but believe me, Wolverine he was not and while I may have found it funny in Australia that anyone would have the balls to try and pick someone up in such a ridiculous outfit, I was alone in a foreign country and I don't speak the language and he was really fucking creepy.

That is just one example of the kind of crazy arsed attention I am getting and this is when I have been in daylight, in public places, wearing what I would consider to be modest clothing as I had been in and out of churches.

Anyway, only have 5min left and need to check emails, I will update when next I can!


heart - break

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