Screw you guys, I'm going to Iceland (2010-10-25)

Dear Readers,

So, it's been an interesting week. Got an email from Gallus' mum, which I have ignored, similar to the last few. Had a totally shite day at work on Friday that I can't talk about online- suffice to say that I am so sick of being handcuffed when trying to do my job because everyone is so concerned about the upsetting the parents. I get that they are just obeying the biological drive, but meanwhile I am trying to keep them ALIVE and preferrably out of hospital. Excuse me for putting the welfare and safety of the CHILD first.


That and someone made up a blatant lie about me which really really really pisses me off, because it's not true and it never happened, but I still have to apologise anyway. Grrrrrrrrhhhh.

Moving on...

I am gearing up for the realisation of one of my life dreams- I leave for Sweden on Tuesday and then fly out to Iceland on the 3rd of Nov. I spent most of yesterday getting my shit together.

-Giant puffa jacket aka walking sleeping bag acquired Check
- Guide books for Gothenburg & Stockholm purchased/downloadedCheck
-Mountain of paperwork printed off partially checked
-Extension for assignment organised Check
-Pile of uni related reading downloaded onto memory stick Check
-Pile of fun reading sorted Check
-Meeting with my Swedish friend organised Check
-Iceland activities booked Check

Now I just need to:
Pay my rent early
Put in my expenses
Plan my days in Stockholm more specifically (have a list of shit, just need to work out which bits to do when)
Print off the remaining vouchers/booking sheets

I also need to decide whether or not I am too pissed off to bother going in to work tomorrow. I have my work computer so can technically "work from home" which is seriously tempting given the bullshit of Friday.

So yes, you may not see me on here for a while, but that shall be because I will be busy:
*Seeing the Northern Lights
*Horse Riding
*Checking out volcanoes, glaciers and caves (oh my!)
*Hanging out around Viking Ships
*Pretending to be in the Millenium books in Sodermalm
*Kicking back in the Blue Lagoon

Stay cool, I know I will be. (No, really, I will be freezing my bodaecious arse off in sub zero temps)


heart - break

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