Fuck it, I'm out (2010-11-07)

Dear Readers,

So, I thinking about coming home once my visa has run out and not bothering with applying for a new one. I am just getting over the BS of this country and I miss my family and friends and also just MY culture. Yes, Oz is not perfect, but it's quirks and crap are MINE.

No, technically I can't make as much money, however there is much less work related drama that makes me want to tear my hair out. Our health system while far from perfect is also nowhere near as fucked as the one I'm working in now.

What brought this on? Well, firstly there was that bullshit complaint- which still leaves a bad taste in my mouth- and secondly I was chatting with this guy who actually is on one of the boards that makes the big decisions with health and apparently everything looks about to go tits up in April next year, including a potential freeze on positions nationwide.

I may come out unscathed, but much more likely is the possibility that I end up going half time, or alternatively with no job and having to scramble for another one. And why scramble? The plan therefore is to take my awesome H/I job half time if I can and if not just do some bits and pieces as they come and travel my arse off inbetween.

Thus in the next 10 months I need to factor in:
Morocco (week-ish)
Krakow (weekend)
Norway & Denmark (2 weeks)
Ireland (week-ish)
Croatia sailing (prob. 2 weeks)
Sweden again- in summer this time to do the archipelago and stay with my cousin's family in their summer house on the west coast (week)
Lisbon (weekend)
Paris again (weekend)

And maybe Switzerland (weekend) and Florence and Iceland again (weekends) if I can fit them in.

I have determined that the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangkok (again), Cambodia and New Zealand are all trips I'm going to have to take from Oz once I'm back home.

Coz I've thought about it see and I'm sick of the weather and I really think that having to survive another winter is going to SUCK, so why the hell am I locking myself in to spend another 3 years here??

Yeah London is cool, however I have done most of the stuff I have wanted to do and will make sure I factor in the rest before I take off. And the only reason I am wanting to stay in the Uk is to leave it to travel. But the truth is, if I get through that first list, I'm pretty much done. I will feel that my time here has been well spent and I will have halved my bucket list.

So there really is no reason to blow a whole wad of cash and more importantly stress myself to fuck to stay somewhere that drives me nuts. I know I do need to think about it some more as it really will be my only shot to get that visa, so I will need to be damn sure before I give it up- however I can always do what Elise did and get sponsored if I have a job I want to come back to (unlikely) and more travel I just couldn't pack in (more likely).

So watch this space for some crazy arsed planning...


heart - break

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