Randomness (2011-01-03)

Dear Readers,

I am bored, so heads up, this is going to be random (and I just watched 6 episodes of how i met your mother back to back, so yeah...)

In breaking news, I have a 4.0 GPA! Go me! I don't know how or why, but I got 92% for my last assignment, despite writing 2500 words of utter crap in less than 10 hours (NEVER AGAIN) and therefore scraped in a HD for the whole topic. Oooer it's perfect...and shiny! I likes it :D

I am also contemplating the idea of going to work in Canada once my masters is done. But I'm not sure if I have to speak fluent French to be allowed- anyone who knows, hit me up! I do speak a bit, but not to the level of being able to work in it and my writing in particular is utter merde.

I also spoke to two of my good friends from back home today, which was nice in theory but one of them has completely gone to the dark side and is now a 'we' person who has also done the unspeakable and forgotten what it is like to be single.

I should backtrack- this is the one who was treated like shit by guys for a loooong time and now has found Mr Perfect (yay), but therefore spends every single second with this person (really) and has seemingly forgotten how shit it is to be the dumped and depressed.

I was expressing my concern for another mutual friend, (who is my only other single friend in the entire world at this point) and how she was a little down because of still being single after her nasty breakup and the fact that she had to go stag to her brother's wedding while her other brother has a new GF- as does her ex it seems.

Now most single people know that that has gotta hurt, but Mrs Perfect's response was 'Oh but they broke up ages ago'. Which is not only untrue (it was like a year ago and it was BAD) and my personal pet peeve expression, but also something I swore would never come out of her mouth given how messed up she was after HER breakup. She sure as shit wasn't all peaches and cream about it, she was depressed and upset..right up until she met Mr Perfect, which I reminded her about.

But it got me thinking- I hate that sanctimonious couple shit. You would think that the people who have been there would be more sympathetic for those currently in the situation, but no. Why is that?What, you get a boyfriend and amnesia in one smooth transaction?

It's bullshit and it pisses me off. If I ever act like that you are all under orders to slap the shit out of me and direct me back to this entry.

Peace out A town


heart - break

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