Maybe this was a bad idea... (2011-01-18)

Dear Readers,

So I enrolled in my topics for this year. I have made a command decision to have the first semester off- given that I will actually be travelling for almost half of it at this stage- and the fact that all of the topics that I want to do are second semester anyway.

There are three problems with this, the first is that this blows out my completion deadline. Again. The second is that it means that I have two subjects to complete around moving across the world (again) in August and my final travel extravaganza (as I will be taking that whole last month off to get it all done). The third is that I won't get the tax break from paying for my subjects.

Now the third is something I can actually do something about, I figured that I would enrol now and pay for them now and then claim the money now. Thus I just enrolled early and went to go and see how much I owe and it's $4000


4 GRAND! For two subjects!! This actually makes me feel a teensy bit sick. The topics have gone up by $150, so I am kicking myself even more for not actually staying in one of them last semester, as I would have saved myself some dosh.

I am also just a starting to get a lil stressed about money generally. My savings dropped below 4k (pounds) and 2k (Aus$). They haven't been that low for like 2 years!! And I am just starting to worry that I won't have the money to be able to travel AND pay for uni, particularly as I have no idea how long it will take to get a job once I am home....

Coz I still have another 5 topics after this one, so even if the prices stay the same (which they probably won't) I am looking at another 10 grand. There is no fucking way I will be able to manage that if I have to pay for it all at the beginning of next year- as I think I have to enrol in my thesis topics and their support subjects in one hit i.e 4 topics (and $8000) in a single transaction.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Sometimes I wonder what is the point of even doing this. I don't NEED it for my profession and I'm not even sure if it will/would get me a better job. I feel like I am putting myself in a financial hole for little to no benefit.

But I am doing so well :( And as much as I bitch about the assignments, I love learning new stuff, I feel like particularly with my hearing kids, it really has made me a better therapist.

This sucks


heart - break

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