This is why I don't like weddings... (2011-08-15)

Dear Readers,

I AM NOT DEAD- huzzah!

I know it has been muchos time between entries, but in my defence I have been *ahem*:

-Sailing in Croatia
-Hanging out in Copenhagen
-Packing up my entire life in London
-Flying back to Oz
-Going to Hong Kong on the way
-Being jet lagged
and last but not least..
-Trying to organise my entire damn life from scratch. Which, incidentally, is a nightmare, as I suspected.

Thus between the 5 flights I took within a week (two of them long haul) and rioting and insane amounts of organimising, I haven't had a lot of time. Now of course I have no life and my friends live ridiculously far out and thus I have pretty much nothing but time. Sort of.

I was feeling good about being back and very zen like about the whole thing until something happened tonight (Miss Aryssa expect an email on this) and now I just feel stressed and shitty.

I shouldn't let it affect me, but I am tired and running on very little sleep as my body does this weird thing where if I push through the urge to nap, it just assumes I am going to keep going and then resets or something, thus I am seemingly awake for both UK and Oz time zones i.e awake at 4am and unable to sleep (as UK time), then up properly at 9ish, then up until midnight (Oz time), then awake at 4am... and rinse and repeat.

And I don't know, my friends are amazing, but I feel a bit like I have slipped into marriage counsellor mode again, which they seemingly needed- although they are not technically married yet- because their wedding is just taking over their lives and ruining their relationship.

Yes, I did type that correctly and to be frank it's just really depressing because they have been so stable and awesome for like 5 years and now it's all going to shit, because of a fucking wedding, which they have both separately said to me they regret ever starting and just wish was over. That is really really sad.

So yes, let this be a lesson to you all, this is why weddings are evil, they just cause immense amounts of fucking stress and drama to the point where the wedding, the supposed celebration of your relationship, makes you want to kill eachother.

Just don't do it, or like elope or something and definitely, absolutely and without question NEVER LET YOUR MOTHER RUN THE SHOW.

That is all *steps down off her soapbox*.


heart - break

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