Adventurous (2011-09-11)

Dear Readers,

So after much procrastination, I have finally finished packing my boxes, after getting motivated yesterday, when I couldn't even face the thought on Friday. I also have a lead on a house which would be perfect- not far from work or my friend's place in a funky area and fully furnished. Now I just have to meet them on Thurs and win them over with my awesome personality- wish me luck!

Meanwhile I still have an assignment to get done and a dog to walk, but I feel I deserve a break given how much I hate packing (SO MUCH, you have no idea) so I am going to sit outside on the deck in the sunshine and finish reading my book that I got 80% through when I was waiting for my friend for 2 hours last night (don't ask).

Count down is on, my new life starts in 4 days! Do you know what makes me laugh? This exact same situation had me stressed out of my mind 5 years ago, whereas now the thought of moving across the country and starting my life from scratch is nothing but exciting.



heart - break

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