Recap... (2011-12-14)

Dear Readers,

So I've had some requests to post about the date, so here it is, or at least as much of it as I can type in 10 minutes until I have to go to bed.

1) I did actually go

2) He did actually show up- albeit 5 minutes late. I didn't mind, because he had txted me that he would be and it really was 5 minutes and it gave me time to go and get myself a chai and pick my spot etc. This also meant that I paid for my own, which made me happy because it circumvented the entire date/quasi who pays issue.

3) He was super duper incredibly nervous. WAY more than I was. It was ADORABLE. And guess what? When he's nervous he talks A LOT, just like me! For once I wasn't worried about talking to much, don't get me wrong, I chatted my arse off, but so did he.

4) He's really sweet. Spent half of the conversation checking on things, making sure that he wouldn't offend me...which was vaguely hilarious and resulted in me pulling my trump card of 'Dude I'm cool with anything up to and including strip clubs'. I told him that the only thing I could think of that would really offend me/be a deal breaker was smoking to which he responded 'Not a problem, never smoked, never will.'

5) We talked about nerdy things. It was awesome. Although I think I may outstrip him in the nerd stakes lol.

6) It was definitely a date date- he tried to pay for my already paid for chai at the end.

7) No kissage. I figured that was way too high stress, so I instigated the hug and he kissed my cheek

8) He didn't want to leave and kept trying to talk to me on the street corner. All up the date ran for more than 3 hours!

9) He said that he wanted to go out again and as of today, we have another much more obvious date booked in for the weekend :)


P.S 10) He looks a lot like this
(except with blue eyes) :)

heart - break

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