Flip a Coin? (12.2.2012)

Dear Readers,

I am crippled by indecision. I looked at a place today. The house is pretty crap, but the woman is LOVELY and I think it would be a nice, simple, easy, relaxed place to live and we would get along famously. But, the house is crap. BUT I would get my own (crap) bathroom. And I would also have stacks of space for all of my stuff, but no air-con and an electric stove (ugh).

I would also probably need to talk her in to ditching some of the shitty furniture and getting some decent stuff...although I may need to purchase it myself...but the rent is super cheap. Although it will be a bit of a hike to the train station, it is close to the tram, but far from work. None of which will be a problem once I have my car, which I will be able to afford with the monies left over.

Otherwise I have the super nice apartment, with the underground parking space, which has air con and is super modern and also fully furnished BUT the people are a bit weird and it's quite expendy.

My dream would be the awesome person but in the good apartment. Maybe if I moved in there I could convince her to move out somewhere else?? Oh I don't know...

Someone else make this decision for me?


heart - break

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