And she returns... (2012-07-01)

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for neglecting you, I was eaten by the uni monster and only got spat back out 2 weeks ago. I'm still adjusting to actually having my life back.

Random shit that has gone down in the intervening time:

- I got an iPad. Oooh. Aaaaah. Purrrty.

- I got the entire series of Daria and have been reliving my highschool days this weekend, getting through the better part of 3 seasons. And that's around two birthday parties. See how productive I can be when I don't have uni work to do?

- I am in the midst of enduring a DHS shitstorm of hell at work

- A colleague at work has gotten me completely addicted to this ridiculous tamagochi-esque game and now I am obsessed. It's a problem :S

- I got my hip fixed only to fuck it back up again- but it was my mother's fault this time.

- I went back home and saw my beloved brothers, but was also driven insane by my mother. No more trips til Christmas and I am studiously not calling her either. We'll see how long it takes for her to notice.

-I was the subject of some mean girls BS at the hands of Joel's highschool friends. I was quite upset by this, but in my usual style, this has given way to anger and my current resolve is: Fuck them, I'm way too busy to be bothered with people who act like they're still in highschool. Alas this has also extended to The Boy, but, thems the breaks.

- I went to a party last night and met this guy that I have heard shit loads about who looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt, but with the body-and voice- of Chris Hemsworth. That's a surprisingly hot combination in case anyone is wondering.
The weird part was, we kinda had this instant sparkage. To the point where I actually had this full on mental image (flash forward style) of him, holding my hands/arms above my head and kissing my neck while he fucked me stupid.
And that was BEFORE I found out he had a motorbike! Phwoar! *fans self*.
Anyway, completely randomly he added me on FB tonight, then sent me an email saying that it was really nice to meet me etc. and then proceeded to chat with me on IM for the better part of an hour.
I know for a fact that he has a reputation as a player, however this is apparently unfounded- according to my friend rather than him I might add. Nevertheless he is quite flirty, so I'm not holding my breath. Having said that I would be quite keen for my fantasy to become reality, providing it was kept on the down-low from our mutual friend and purely as a sex buddy type scenario.

On that note, time for bed!


heart - break

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