Veto (2012-10-24)

Dear readers,

So I know I probably sounded all melodramatic and arsey when I talked about how I get depressed because people let me down on my birthday, but guess what? Not only did I get let down, but I got MASSIVELY let down by none other than the Boy.

He didn't say happy birthday- that's okay, I never told him the actual date.

He doesn't confirm if he will be attending my birthday party, no probs, he'll just turn up.

Err, no, he didn't.

And he didn't text me to say sorry or that he couldn't make it or whatever either.

So now I am hurt and PISSED.

That is it. Like really, irrevocably IT. I cut him a lot of slack because of what is going on in his life, but he made me look like a fool in front of my friends and made me super upset on my birthday night out, so I didn't even have a good time. And as my best friend said "short of death, there is no good reason for that. What, are his thumbs broken?" and then she called veto, so there we go, game over.

And it just totally bummed me out and caused me to have an anxiety attack about the fact that this keeps bloody happening and I get older and the guys remain arseholes and how the fuck does anyone meet anyone these days?!

What is WRONG with me?

heart - break

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