Never leave me again! (2015-02-10)

Dear Readers,

Well thank fuck the site is working again. I had a genuine 24hr panic when I thought it was gone forever and all of my thoughts and memories and intellectual processing had disappeared into the ether.

I truly don't know what I would do without Dland. Whenever I'm trying to deal with stuff, I come here. I can be totally honest here and bare my soul with utter freedom. Which is rare given it's all out on the internet for complete strangers to judge. That's the thing though, Dlanders don't. Do you hear me Andrew? Don't desert us and leave us like sacrificial lambs to the Blogspot and Wordpress snobs. We like it here, it may not be fancy, but dagnamitt it is OURS.

(Just fix the notes, kthankyoubye!)

I think in my relief I actually forgot what I came here to say…


heart - break

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