My needs are simple damnitt (2015-07-26)

Dear Readers,

So, I'm better, just exhausted. Things are finally calming down, but I've definitely been through the wringer the last 5 or so weeks. This essentially means that I am hornier than normal and have a reduced capacity for bullshit and drama. Unfortunately the latter tends to be a bit of a blocker for the former.

Facebook suggested that I add Poly guy today. WTF? How's about no, Scott, ok?

It was interesting timing though, in that I have been reflecting that the sex was pretty awesome and I do miss it. The thing was, when I saw his face, I just wanted to slap it (and not in a sexy way) and my first thought was 'Dick!' (again, not in a sexy way). Thus, that ship has definitely sailed as far as my sex drive is concerned. Damnitt.

Maybe I should succumb to Tinder, just to blow off some steam (in a sexy way), but, ugh. I hate the inter webs, guys are such cocks in a way they could never get away with in real life. I did get hit on by our waiter at a cafe today and checked out at the pub on Friday night. The problem is in getting that interest to translate to action.

Case in point- the 'Interesting' dude from the previous entry appeared keen at the time. I did contact in a very casual way and we emailed for about a week, but with no result. Interest, but no action. I will hypothetically be seeing him again in a couple of weeks at another joint event and I guess I will see what the lay of the land is then.

I just want someone who isn't a complete fuckhead to be vaguely decent/respectful and available for an occasional tryst, on a weekly basis at most. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?!



heart - break

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