My life is ridiculous (really) (2016-02-13)

Dear Readers,

So, my life is ridiculous.

Just before Christmas, through a very weird set of circumstances- our plane broke down and we were stranded in an airport for 5 hours- I met this really cool guy. We clicked, connected, sparked, whatever you want to call it and talked for like 2 hours until his friend noticed that we liked each other and decided to give us both shit about it. Asshole. Then because he's not super confident with girls and 'can't talk to women to save his life' (direct quote) this had the effect of making him all shy and weird with me. Did I mention his friend was a douche?

Later on we bumped into each other in Singapore airport, but because he was still with the douchey friend, nothing came of it. And I was devo, because it is so rare that I feel that way with someone- attracted AND connected- and we didn't exchange details and while I know heaps about him, including where he lives and which gym he goes to, I didn't know his last name.

This has been niggling at me ever since. I just had this feeling like it wasn't finished.

Last night I went out for dinner with one of my besties to celebrate us both getting out of shit jobs- huzzah! So we went somewhere we never normally go out to and both dressed up. And because the restaurant is super popular we could only get a late booking.

So, we're sitting there near these window door things that open out onto the street, and I am facing the street. And we're chatting about shit and having a lovely time, when I just get this weird feeling and I look behind my bestie AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT AIRPORT GUY WALKS PAST. In a city of 4.5 million people, airport guy walks past a restaurant I never go to, in a part of town that he doesn't even live in.

I froze and my bestie was like 'What?! Is everything ok?'
'Holy shit, remember that guy?! HE JUST WALKED PAST'
'Are you sure? What are waiting for?! GO, GO, GO!! Go NOW!!'

And there are moments in life where you have a split second to decide if you're going to let something pass you by, or seize the shit out of it, and I picked the latter. So I literally ran out of the restaurant and chased him down the street (not that he knows that, thank god).

I had to literally tap him on the shoulder and then be like 'Hey!'. And thank all that is holy, I looked cute, wearing a 'freak em' dress, with the boobs on display and my long legs at their best in heels and I watched him check me out and be genuinely happy to bump into me.

We chit chatted and caught up on holidays and he asked me what I was up to, trying to suss out if I was on a date (ha!) and then suggested that we should hang out after our respective dinners. This lead to me giving him my number- because I sure as shit wasn't taking any chances this time damnitt!

And look, he hasn't used it as of yet, HOWEVER I still have the unfinished feeling. And most importantly, I took the chance, I put myself out there (gag) and now I can move on with my life and not wonder what might have been. He has my number, my work is done!

The bit that kills me, is that this is the THIRD time this has happened- once with a guy that I met in Dubai airport who sat in front of me in the plane on the way to Greece and then I freakishly bumped into a week later at a pub in Santorini (what are the chances of THAT). And then of course that time with MONA guy and now this!

Seriously, what the hell is going on with this shit?


heart - break

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